Sol 1.3.4


Sol is a Dashboard widget that tells you what time sunrise and sunset are, as well as dawn and dusk.

The analog display is a 24-hour clock, with noon at the top and midnight at the bottom. The dark region is nighttime, the light part is daytime, and the slivers in between are dawn and dusk. (Or, for the technically inclined, they are civil twilight.)



See the very detailed About page for further details.


If you get the source code, be sure to read the README.txt file in the top level directory for build instructions.

Submit a Translation

If you would like to submit a new language translation for Sol, please create a new Issue and select the New Language Translation template and enter the translations there. Alternatively grab a copy of one of the existing translations, modify it to have the translations for new language and email it to me together with the language name and/or attach it to a new issue.

About the Apple - Downloads - Dashboard Listing

Apparently shortly after the release of the Mac App Store (with Mac OS X version 10.6.6 on 2011-01-06), it became impossible to submit any further updates to the Apple - Downloads - Dashboard site. As a result, downloading the Sol widget from there (Sol can be found in the Information category) is now stuck permanently pointing to the download. For this reason, the download has actually been replaced with the most recent Sol version (currently 1.3.4) as of the time (2014-01-15) that the ability to update these downloads was disabled.

Unfortunately the googlecode site went defunct in 2015 and was transitioned to archive-only status. However, there is a redirect so that when clicking on the Dashboard Widgets download link one ends up on the googlecode archive downloads page for the Sol widget. Although this is not ideal, one more click there will actually start the download so it is not all bad.

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